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About Link Analyzer

Link Analyzer allows you to keep track of all the links of your website. Using this tool, you can easily keep track of both external and internal links related to your site. In other words, Link checker is an efficient online tool which enables you to analyze your overall link profile as compared to your competitors and find the web page sources which will be great to generate links.

Our Link Analyzer Tool is a free link analysis software which will perform a thorough analysis of a given webpage and return you a list of links along with a link’s associated anchor text.

How to use Link checker tool:

  • Simply enter the URL of the web page which you want to analyze and select the type of links you to examine including external links or internal links or both.
  • Press 'Submit'

This free link analysis tool generates a detailed link analysis result so that webmasters or SEO expert can easily evaluate the external and internal links to a certain domain. It is also greatly helpful for webmasters in analyzing other websites that are linking to their website.